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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

With Christmas less than two months away, I thought it will an amazing idea to create a gift guide showcasing an array of fun ideas for her. These range from clothing, accessories and even art. Shall we get started? 1) Isio Beret Terracotta/Blue 2) Patani Leather Bag in Tan 3) Sapele Jumper in Teal 4) Jesse' Hairband 5) Warri Fleece Scarf

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October's Best Sellers

With the launch of the new Freedom collection and temperatures dropping the the northern hemisphere, October's sale were mostly long sleeve top and autumnal accessories. See this best sellers below. 1) Sapele Jumper in Teal 2) Kwale Beret 3) Isio Beret 4) Launching a Fashion Business Toolkit 

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What is Happening in Nigeria #ENDSARS #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY

Nigerian states are currently protesting the dissolution and reform of the police force, especially the special unit called SARS. The whole thing has just made feel sad, frustrated and confused at the same time. Power was given to SARS by the government to protect the people. Why is it okay to abuse, assault, rape, kill, steal from the people they should be protecting. So now they’ve announced that SARS is dissolved, and they’ll assign the same guilty lot to other departments in the Nigerian police force. Like HOW!? They will go free like nothing happened. Will crime increase? Will innocent Nigerians continue to suffer? The country is hard enough, why torture and torment when getting by in this pandemic is...

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